How to Care For Laminate Floors

Get Taking care of laminate or hardwood floors can be hard given the regular conditions of a family and pets. But maintaining your home looking great is crucial to maintaining its value.

How To Care For Laminate Floors

When you want the stunning feel of wood flooring with no cost or high maintenance, you’ll usually choose laminate floors. Yet no floor is completely maintenance-free.

How to Care for Wooden Floor?

Whether you call it dust mopping or dry cleaning, you will want to do it frequently–particularly in high traffic areas. If you would rather vacuum, make sure that you choose one with a soft bristle brush.

  • If you have fur-babies, keep their nails trimmed and their paws free of dirt, dirt, dirt, stains and oil.
  • Block that the UV rays and excessive heat that cause fading with protective window coverings. Rearrange rugs and furniture periodically to prolong the life of your flooring.
  • Avoid excess water exposure.

When it comes to cleaning hardwood flooring (strong, engineered or laminate) that the one thing you want to figure out is whether or not your floors have a finish. You do not really need to be aware of the sort of finish, only that the floors are treated in some way to make them resistant to position water, that’s the enemy of all wood and wood-like flooring.

To figure out if your flooring is finished, drop a single drop of water on the floor. If it beads and just sits there, then the floor was finished. If the drop of water soaks in and disappears, leaving a dark spot, the wood it hasn’t completed.

Protecting Your Floors

The first tip is to keep your floors clean! Maintaining your floors clean is the best way to protect them from harm, and there are some ways to do this. To begin with, definitely clean up any spills immediately, particularly liquid, as it will seep into the joints and bow your beautiful floor very quickly. I can’t stress this enough. If you procrastinate, you may repent it.

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If you experience an ice/water dispenser on your refrigerator, it’s a fantastic idea to put down a little throw rug in front to grab those sneaky ice cubes that escape from the freezer when nobody is watching. Additionally, a mat in the front of the kitchen sink to catch slips as you wash dishes or load the dishwasher.

Another tip is to take off your shoes at the front door or entry point you use. This one will be an adjustment for me. It could be valuable to have a bench to sit down on with baskets underneath for shoe storage

Lastly, you can protect your flooring by using rugs in high traffic areas and entry points. Namely, in the front door, back door and mud room or garage door, you are going to want to put down small rugs to catch dirt and gravel that come in from the outside.

It’s also a good idea to utilize large area rugs in the family and dining spaces, as these tend to be high use, higher traffic areas that get exposed to a lot of spills. A lot people do a good deal of eating on the sofa (you know who you are), and the floors around the couch can get damaged if there isn’t a rug to capture spills. A great rug pad needs to be used under all rugs to again, protect the ground, and also to prevent the rugs from slipping around, which can be a safety hazard, as well as just plain irritating.

Cleaning your Floors

Cleaning laminate flooring, especially, can be somewhat tricky if you have not done your research. Laminate these days is exceptionally durable and scratch resistant. 1 thing, it’s not been watered resistant. The tiniest bit of water sitting on the floor can warp the boards. So I’m going to put this in all caps and daring it to highlight its importance:

The secret to cleaning laminate and hardwood flooring efficiently, yet firmly, is to use the correct products using a scant quantity of water. You just need the slightest little dampness to pick up dirt and tacky stuff. In case you’ve got a place that actually needs some scrubbing use a damp cloth and wash along with your hands. Otherwise, clean the ground as follows.

How To Care For Laminate Floors

Use a vacuum cleaner such as stick vacuum to get all the dirt and up food particles; or simply do it the classic way using a broom and dust pan. Next, get a microfiber or cloth mop like this one that I have. Mix up your cleaning solution according to the recipe below in a spray bottle made for cleaning solutions.

Sweep using a soft bristled brush or vacuum frequently. Dirt and other contaminants may really scratch the laminate coating, so you’ll also need to sweep before using a laminate flooring cleaner.

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