How Does A Trash Compactor Work?

Most households experience several problems when it comes to waste management and disposal. From animals rummaging through the garbage bin to excessive volume of garbage, it is a frequent problem in families. Improper waste management and disposal has to be avoided as it can negatively impact the environment too not to mention the mess that it may create and the hassle of having to discover ways as to where you should put them. The great news is that you may set your worries aside because now you can use a trash compactor.

What Is A Trash Compactor

What’s a Trash Compactor?

How Does A Trash CompactorSo, what’s a garbage compactor? It is a valuable tool that enables you to compress your trash easily. Thanks to the use a trash compactor, it is currently easier for you to reduce just about any type of waste from your home. To date, there are now a lot of people who have trash compactors at home. All you’ve got to do is to set your garbage in the bin and you’re ready to go.

But few might be aware of the amazing benefits of having a garbage compactor. In fact, residential trash compactors are becoming commonplace home appliances:


A trash compactor is a rather simple device. After shooting out all waste that can either be recycled or composted, homeowners simply throw their residual crap in the compactor. From that point, the machine uses a strong engine to push together the waste and reduce its mass. In short, your garbage undergoes intense pressure to come out more streamlined.

Trash Compactor Work

Short-term Benefits

Because a garbage compactor can lower the size of your trash, you do not need to carry it out as often. In actuality, one trash compactor bag can possibly hold as much as a dozen conventional garbage bags. Therefore, not only do you save on the time that goes into constantly lugging your garbage from the home, but you also spend less on buying trash bags every couple weeks. If you reside in a neighborhood which needs extra charge for disposing of garbage, you can also receive big savings in trash removal fees.

Long-term Advantages

How Does A Trash Compactor Work


The amount of fuel required by landfills to compact garbage is considerable. The less they will need to work to compact your garbage, the more everybody saves in price, labor, and irreplaceable energy reserves.

We spent over 35 hours carefully exploring and assessing the very best garbage compactor manufacturers, considering the total compaction strength, in addition to performance, safety characteristics, design choices and flexibility. Our selection as the most effective overall compactor is your Kenmore Elite 14733. Does it have the ideal feature bundle of almost any compactor we looked at, but it’s worth make it the very best value as well.

The first step in selecting a garbage compactor is taking precise measurements before you begin shopping. When the dimensions you will need is apparent, make your decision based on how much electricity you require, what additional features interest you, and also just how much extra time you will want to maintain the unit and purchase supplies.

Power and Performance

Generally, more force means a greater price. Also, you ought to look at the horsepower of the engine. A high-capacity model using a lower horsepower will generally be a louder compactor.

ow Does A Trash Compactor Work

Look also at the compaction ratio. As an example, a ratio of 4:1 means the compactor will match the average quantity of four bags into the dimensions of one. Remember, the more trash in a bag, the heavier it will be, so you should consider how much you are able to safely lift in deciding which garbage compactor to buy for your house.


Waste compactors are designed to be secure and convenient to use. One handy feature you should look for is a toe bar — a switch on the ground, which opens the compactor automatically when you click it with your foot. When your arms are complete garbage to throw away, this very simple feature will make your life a lot simpler. The garbage compactor you pick should also include things like air freshener pockets or charcoal filters to reduce odor.

Maintenance and Supplies

Except for the typical cleaning needed with many appliances, garbage compactors should have minimum upkeep. Just observe how far the compartment opens past the cabinet. The farther it opens, the easier it will be to clean. Also consider the subject of trash bags. Some trash compactors utilize routine bags, while with others you’ll have to buy certain bags that only operate with their units.

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