Some Kitchen Aid Mixer Colors and Treatments

In my world, also referred to as the area of cooking geeks and baking fanatics, the best kitchen tool to finish all others is a Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

The word “Kitchen Aid” is becoming synonymous with the stand mixer, despite the fact that it’s the title of a company that sells a broad range of kitchen products. My mom got her first Kitchen Aid just before I was born, so I had been fortunate enough to grow up cooking and baking with her.

Kitchen Aid Mixer Colors

You can pick from one of many shades if purchasing a blue Kitchen Aid mixer for your kitchen! Light, medium and dark, there’s a whole selection of blue colors available.

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

There is an 5-Qt. Artisan Series Aqua Sky blue Kitchen Aid Stand mixer that’s a lovely light blue with just a touch of green inside.  These versions are tilting-head mixers. The bowl holds 5–quarts and is constructed of stainless steel. It is dishwasher safe, so no worries about having to wash it by hand.

The Artisan collection is possibly the most common available from Kitchen Aid. It certainly is if you go by the sales amounts. People like this mixer, and with good reason. It’s heavy-duty, out-performs different mixers in the exact same cost range, and can be a treat to look at also!

As you can see in the above picture, this is one of the regular Artisan mixers with the stainless steel bowl of 5 quart capacity. Tilt head, 10 speeds, 59-Touchpoint… Just an all around great mixer!

Kitchen Aid Mixer Colors

This color is also available in the 4.5-quart version Kitchen Aid mixer. This is a traditional model of a Kitchen Aid mixer, but really, the only distinction is that the stainless steel mixing bowl is half a quart smaller. Additionally, it is a little more challenging to discover this particular mixer sometimes, as it isn’t always in stock.

I understand, we have looked at LOTS of different colors of blue! It can be Confusing trying to decide which you like best. To make it easier to Compare the many colors, have a look at this picture that includes All of the shades we have talked about:

Whatever color of blue Kitchen Aid mixer that you prefer, you can pick any one of them and understand your Are getting a fantastic machine

Product Info Kitchen Aid

Kitchen Aid Mixer Colors

The mixer, you will have seen it on meals collections, on meals shoots and also in joyful kitchens all over the world. Let it walk into your kitchen, and before long it is going to creep into your center.

  • Stand up with bowler, shield and three attachments
  • Mix ingredients effortlessly, to accelerate cooking and baking
  • Made with a durable all-metal body
  • 10 speed settings to suit any mixing requirement
  • Comes with a beater blade, a wire whip and a metal C-shaped dough hook
  • Tilt-head design allows clear access to the bowl and attached beater
  • Comes with a plastic pouring shield (except Frosted Pearl) with enlarged chute for easy ingredient adding
  • Stainless steel bowl with handles (except Frosted Pearl which has a frosted bowl)
  • Wide variety of extra attachments available

Strong Construction

The only piece of plastic you are likely to find on this stand mixer is the pouring shield attachment.
The metal construction is incredibly durable: Just like I said, before I update, my stand mixer was twenty five years old and it is still working fine.

If well taken care of, your stand mixer should last decades. In fact, one of the most frequently made comments in reviews is how hardy this bit of equipment is.  Although some complain about the elevation of their betters, that they either scrape the bottom of the bowl or do not quite reach all the ingredients, there’s a very simple fix to correct the height and make it work for you.

Kitchen Aid Mixer Colors
Vintage Kitchen Aid stand mixers are for the most part tilt-head, but in recent decades the bowl elevator design has gained recognition. The bowl lift mixers do not have a tilting head. Instead, the bowl has been secured into position by arms onto the base of the mixer which raise and lower and you shimmy the bowl in place.

How to Clean up

Like I said before in the review, then pour chute makes cleanup much easier since you probably won’t need to be scrubbing the foundation of the mixer down or get food all around the exterior of the bowl.

Additionally, you should find yourself with less to wipe the counters off, although I always seem to produce a much bigger mess when baking and cooking than you would think is reasonable. The bowl and attachments are dishwasher safe, though some users have said they observed paint chipping from the flat beater and dough hook attachments after too many trips through the dishwasher.

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